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“I start work next Monday at a company that I have wanted to work at for years and I'm so excited about it because it pays $20,000 more. I had three offers all together! I want to thank you for your help because my resume got noticed everywhere I posted it or by everyone I delivered it to after you helped me. Thanks again for your help. I feel like I couldn't have done it so quickly without you.”

- Nicole T., Chandler, AZ

“Gina is great! I am just a college student and she was able to help me with my resume by critiquing and adjusting it. She took what little experience I had and made it really professional. Thanks again Gina!”

- Jared T., Phoenix, AZ

I thought that I knew how to write a resume until I Gina. Here years of expertise will take any resume to a whole new level, creating that “stand-out” quality that is so important in today’s job market.

- Dave L, Phoenix, AZ

“I realized quickly that my personal resume wasn't the best reflection of my abilities and strengths. I would venture to guess that everyone who attended gained knowledge or a personal "AH-HA!" moment they didn't expect to experience.”

-Lisa J., Phoenix, AZ

I knew it was time to call in the professionals because writing a resume is not a “do it yourself job.” Just because you put a wrench in my hand, it doesn’t make me a mechanic.

- Anne W., Peoria, AZ

“Gina is incredible! One of the most thorough and detail-oriented individuals I have worked with; she ensures our needs are met and that her responses are immediate. Lastly, Gina takes enormous pride in her relationships, fostering continued support and longevity.”

- Michael B., Phoenix, AZ

“Gina, thank you both so much! I can't believe how much different today's resume's look...nothing at all like the one I used 12 years ago to get my last job. Your tips and tricks have helped me tremendously. I've already gotten many responses and even a couple of first interviews. With your advice, I'll be in a new position in no time. I've already referred several of my friends to you. Thanks!”

- Harry L., Glendale, AZ

As an experienced HR professional, I found the information covered in this workshop to be extremely valuable, especially in today's competitive market. I review dozens of resumes daily and can full-heartedly say that the information and recommendations provided in this course will make those resumes stand out and get into the hand of the hiring manager.

- Cindy T., Phoenix, AZ

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